Artificial intelligence is the discipline that deals with the paradigms, tools and applications that are capable of reproducing the behavior of intelligent beings.
In the words of Marvin Minsky, one of the "pioneers" of the IA, the aim of this new regulation was to

make machines do things that would require intelligence if they were made by men

The development of the discipline has undergone many twists and turns with periods of excitement, as opposed to strong disillusionment. The evolution of the Internet with the ability to interconnect things and people and the evolution in artificial intelligence are two synergistic phenomena that will change now. This poses social, ethical and economic as well as scientific issues we must address.

In recent years we are seeing a growing number of tangible results that give hope and fear to a significant impact on the way we live, learn, work. During the Panel, this topic will be examined through the participation of experts and a discussion open to all the participants. More information are available here. The linked page is in Italian, for the English version visit this page.

The Panel #AI4Society will take place the 24th September, Main Room, 14.30-16.00. In the following the preliminary timeline.