Labelled Variables in Logic Programming: a First Prototype in tuProlog
Roberta Calegari, Enrico Denti and Andrea Omicini
STOLE: A Reference Ontology for Historical Research Documents
Laura Pandolfo
Logic Programming Techniques for Reasoning with Probabilistic Ontologies
Riccardo ZeseElena BellodiEvelina Lamma and Fabrizio Riguzzi
Profiling the Linked Open Data
Blerina Spahiu
Structure Learning with Distributed Parameter Learning for Probabilistic Ontologies
Giuseppe Cota, Riccardo ZeseEvelina Lamma and Fabrizio Riguzzi
Ontology Based Semantic Image Interpretation
Ivan Donadello
Interaction with a personalised smart space to enhance people everyday life
Assunta Matassa
Learning Static Constraints for Domain Modeling from Training Plans
Rabia Jilani
A CP Scheduler for High-Performance Computers
Thomas Bridi, Michele Lombardi, Andrea Bartolini, Luca Benini and Michela Milano
Recommender Systems supporting Decision Making through Analysis of User Emotions and Personality
Marco Polignano and Marco de Gemmis